What specialties do you provide for?
We have certified billing specialists for broad range of providers including but not limited to; allergy, podiatry, internal medicine, surgery, mental health, pediatrics, DME, OB/GYN/  nurse practitioners, cardiology, chiropractic, and general practitioners.We serve both large and small practices as well as single providers and hospitals.
Why should I outsource my billing?
The American Medical Association estimates it costs between $7-$13 to file a paper claim.  Add to that the cost of staff turnover, updated software, and a lack of time for paperwork and you can see how outsourcing can benefit your practice.Allow us to be the ones that file claims, following up with the insurance companies, and recovering old accounts receivable. Not only will this give you more time for patient care, but it will ultimately decrease the cost of filing insurance claims and that will decrease your overhead.
How are claims and patient information sent to your office?
New patient information and claims can be sent via facsimile, US Mail, or electronic mail (you must be able to send encrypted e-mails.)
How often should we send you information?
Information can be sent as often as you would like but we do recommend a weekly submission at a minimum.
What kind of information do you need in order to submit claims on our behalf?
A superbill containing all CPT and ICD-9 codes including any modifiers. A patient information sheet containing all the patients demographics. A copy of the front and back of the patients insurance card. Referring physician ID if necessary.
Can you submit electronic claims to all insurance companies?
Most commercial insurance companies, as well as Medicare, Medicaid and BC/BS, accept electronic claims.  However, there are still some companies that are not set up for electronic submissions.  In these cases the claim will be sent on paper.
Can you be HIPAA Compliant when outsourcing your billing?
Yes.  Billing centers have the same obligation that you do in terms of protecting PHI. Furthermore billing centers are required to submit their electronic claims in the proper format.
Who does the follow-up on the claims?
We follow up on every claim we submit.
Where do my reimbursements go?
All remittances / payments will go directly to your Practice.
Do I have access to my data?
With our private secure data center you can access your data securely and remotely from any computer with an internet connection. The system is certified HIPAA compliant and exceeds minimum security standards.
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