Notice of HIPAA Statement
It is the policy of MedBridge Medical Solutions, LLC to obey the law and abide by all state and federal laws governing medical billing and patient confidentiality. MedBridge Medical Solutions is committed to conducting business in accordance with applicable law and ethical business practice.
Many steps have been taken to ensure the privacy, security and integrity of all data on our computer systems within our offices:
· Our computers are all password protected.
· The billing software that we use is password protected.
· We perform daily back ups. We also perform monthly back ups which are stored off-site.
· Our computers are equipped with anti-virus programs and our network is multi-leveled firewall protected.
· We have been notified by our clearinghouse that they are HIPAA compliant.
· Our files are kept in locked file cabinets and the office is locked at the end of every work day.
· We have HIPAA policies which we will continually review and update.
· We require a signed Business Associate Agreement with all of our clients and other necessary companies we conduct business with.
Our team is continually educated on HIPAA policies and procedures to ensure that we stay in compliance. MedBridge Medical Solutions, Inc. January 1, 2008