Outsourced Revenue Management Services
MedBridge Medical Solutions provides the following consulting services:
o    Practice Start-ups: This service is geared to assist a physician recruited into a market who wants to get his/her practice started. This service involves all aspects of practice development and includes some of the following: incorporation, obtaining provider numbers, practice location selection, equipment purchase, staff selection, managed care contracting, office policy/procedures, marketing and business plan development.
o    Procedure/Policy Development: The development of policy/procedures is becoming a key component for practice development. Everyone needs to know the rules. A source document allows staff to review policies and make decisions without constantly changing interpretation by the staff, the office manager or physicians. It allows issues to be handled fairly, consistently, reduces legal liability, and lowers staff turnover due to frustration over unknown job duties.
o    Coding: This service conducts chart audits using HCFA’s new Evaluation and Management Guidelines as well as NCQA chart format standards. The coding process not only looks to enhance coding opportunity but trains physicians and staff on appropriate coding methodology.
o    Business Plan Development: The development of a business plan is the key for practice development. Too often, a practice is too busy reacting to situations and does not have a business plan designed with one year, two year and five year business objectives.  A business plan attempts to not only incorporate professional objectives but also personnel, economic, and lifestyle concerns. A well-designed business plan that has been signed off on by the physicians then allows a strong administrator to move forward with objectives and allow a practice to grow.
o    Computer System Evaluation: The increasing demands on practices to provide information has created an increasing demand for practice evaluation of computer systems. This evaluation process creates a RFP for vendors to respond to. The evaluation process also outlines exactly what is currently needed in computer services as well as insures the ability for future growth.  Practices spend a great deal of money on computer systems that become under utilized, or systems that cannot be supported by vendors. This process eliminates these concerns.