Technical Support Services
o    System evaluation, installation, management and support
o    Software configuration and historical data conversion
o    24x7 application hosting and data center support
o    Ongoing training
o    Custom application programming
o    Payor/clearinghouse connectivity
o    24x7 technical support
o    Data warehousing and analytical tools

The detailed nuances of HIPAA compliant medical billing can be overwhelming. At MedBridge, we've taken extensive measures to ensure that practice and patient information is maintained with all reasonable security mechanisms in place.
•    All patient information is retained on site with sophisticated data back ups in place
•    Unique passwords for individual user accounts – so we can track access points and changes to data
•    Documentation is stored in image format on our servers – not PCs
•    All work is performed on-site – we don't offer “work at home” opportunities and we do NOT offshore your claims
•    Advanced internal facility security place with 24 hour live, off-site monitoring
•    Additional external, multi-stage security features including additional building password protection after business hours.

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