Charles S. C. Garnette, M.D., FACS
Vascular & Endovascular Surgical Consultants of Orlando

"I am grateful for the role MedBridge Medical Solutions continues to play in the development of the practice, especially the thoroughness and aggressive approach taken to ensure that the billing and cash flow stay current. I have watched my losses diminish and my overall income increase significantly since utilizing MedBridge Medical Solutions. I find the staff very responsive to my office, and extremely helpful and easy to work with. MedBridge Medical Solutions has allowed me to focus my energy on production and other aspects of the practice."
"I have recommended MedBridge Medical Solutions to several of my colleagues and will continue to do so without reservation."

Rebecca Woodward
Practice Manager

“MedBridge Medical Solutions came to our rescue when our billing was being transitioned into a new system. The problem was solved through diligence and competence displayed by key staff at MedBridge. Their knowledge and expertise literally saved us from a cash flow nightmare.”

Jerry S. Farber, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon

"MedBridge Medical Solutions has been responsible for my office billing for several years. Their staff is very knowledgeable and able to keep up with the rapid changes in billing requirements. They are able to appropriately adjust billing codes and modifiers and initiate appeals on a timely basis. They keep the billing aggravation out of my office.”

Cardiac Surgery Physician
Washington, DC

"I have used MedBridge Medical Solutions for quite some time and have found them very efficient, and always responsive to our billing needs. I have no hesitations in recommending them."

Ophthalmology Practice
Washington, DC

MedBridge Medical Solutions has given me a sense of control over my billing. When the physicians of the practice need information quickly, MedBridge Medical Solutions responds immediately. The results from MedBridge Medical Solutions are second to none. The staff is polite, courteous and competent. The data and reports provided enable us to make sound decisions regarding our practice. I feel very confident in recommending MedBridge Medical Solutions to any physician or physician group interested in improving their financial condition and overcoming complexities associated with medical billing."

Mason J. Carp, M.D.
Harrisburg, PA

"I signed up with MedBridge some time ago and have never been disappointed in the quality of service or support, both software and hardware. Several years ago my office was struck by lightning. Everything hooked up to the telephone lines including computers, lab equipment and our alarm was blown. Within 48-hours we were up and running again, thanks to the pleasant hands-on support by members of the MedBridge team."

Medical Practice
Vienna, VA

"I highly recommend MedBridge Medical Solutions without any reservations. When I began to use them I was a small solo practice, but was treated with as much respect as if I was a huge corporation. I came to them with a large accounts receivable which they were able to reduce, even though much of it was quite old. Since then my accounts receivable has been incredibly small. They obtain payments extremely promptly from both the insurance companies and patients.
What I like best about them is that each individual develops expertise with, and contacts in, specific insurance companies. They are experts in the field, and are far more knowledgeable and experienced than any individuals in my employ could ever be about billing."

OB/GYN Practice
Baltimore, MD

"Our experience with MedBridge Medical Solutions has been a very positive one. We were leaving a hospital-based account to start a private practice. This was a new experience for us and we were not familiar with all the necessary steps involved in setting up a new office. They transitioned our data and set up our new account. One service that was very attractive to us was the package of credentialing and billing together. They took care of all of our enrollment requirements, making sure that our information was updated and correct with the insurance companies and the state. MedBridge Medical Solutions coordinated and organized everything to fit our needs. Today, everything is running smoothly and we are very pleased with the results."

Nephrology Practice
Silver Spring, MD

"We had done all of our billing in-house for over 10 years. With all the regulations that have developed and the complexity of the billing process we felt we were not doing an adequate job. Furthermore, a billing audit revealed we were not doing our billing efficiently. We terminated our employees and out-sourced our billing to MedBridge Medical Solutions. They are very efficient, quick to respond to us, provide more information that I could possibly use and most important have increased our collections. We feel very confident that they are doing all they possibly can to collect our revenues. In this day and age it pays to go with the professionals who know how to submit claims properly, abide by all government regulations and increase collections to the maximum."

Dermatology Physician
Bethesda, MD

I believe that by partnering with MedBridge Medical Solutions to manage key business components of my practice, I have gained invaluable in-house expertise in both accounts receivable and general business management. It just did not make good sense to me to reinvent the wheel, especially when I wanted to concentrate on doing what I knew and loved best - delivering quality patient care."

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