Why MedBridge?

MedBridge Medical Solutions serves many major Physician groups throughout the nation, and has done so successfully for many, many years. What sets MedBridge Medical Solutions apart from other medical billing companies?

 Quality               MedBridge Medical Solutions is a specialist in billing for physician groups utilizing advanced technologies.

Commitment      A dominant philosophical commitment to physicians’ welfare; MedBridge Medical Solutions works harder and collects more money for its clients.

Experience         Specialists in medical billing with more than 30 years of experience.

Value                 Being the cheapest is simply incompatible with being the best. MedBridge Medical Solutions goal is to be the best value by putting the most money in its client’s account each month net after paying the billing fee.

Accountability    MedBridge Medical Solutions sets expectations for performance (“Benchmarks”) and its employees are personally accountable for results.

Services             Complete range of CPT and ICD-9 coding, services and reports.

Accessibility       Client Managers and senior management are always immediately available.

Compliance        An outstanding Compliance program with a pristine compliance record.

Reliability     MedBridge Medical Solutions can be relied upon for the long term; more than 30 years of stability, professional management, and financial strength.