Client Review Sessions
Consistent with the “client-oriented” approach, MedBridge Medical Solutions offers regular Client Review Sessions that are considered essential and a unique feature of service. Although physician staff is able to interact directly with the Client Managers or Client Supervisors concerning individual patients or specific processing needs, it is the role of our Practice Management Team to focus on broader issues and to use this review session as an opportunity to explore making continual improvements to our services and the physician practices that are supported. Typically, these sessions include: Monthly/Quarterly Review Our monthly overview reporting and graphical charting allows us to identify trends or patterns which might not otherwise be evident. The Practice Management Team will use the necessary format on a given issue and will meet to explain as required. Both positive and negative trends will be surfaced and suggestions offered. Focused Analysis These sessions involve the exploration of one or more specific topics. It may include charts or other presentation materials as required. Frequently, these analyses will involve a review of current policies associated with the issue at hand and recommendations for the future. Both types of sessions are also an invaluable tool for MedBridge Medical Solutions to review its performance and provide feedback to its clients. We consider regular client review sessions an essential part of our continuing relationship. An overview reporting session can be scheduled monthly, to coincide with the delivery of the monthly management reports. A focused session will be scheduled quarterly at a place and time convenient to the practice. Specialized meetings can be arranged as may be required by either MedBridge Medical Solutions or the client.