Transition Management
New clients normally experience improvement in their cash collections, average charge and payment per patient, and accounts receivable. MedBridge Medical Solutions has a fully developed program in place to steer new clients through the transition. MedBridge Medical Solutions has welcomed many new clients over the years and has a senior manager specifically responsible for each new client transition. MedBridge Medical Solutions makes it as easy and comfortable as possible, and guides each new client through the steps. Throughout the process everyone remains mindful of avoiding disruptions in cash flow and ongoing collections. MedBridge Medical Solutions understand the effort required and the staffing necessary to succeed. Medical billing has become an increasingly difficult challenge in recent years, and consistently excellent results can’t be achieved without the required human and technological resources. MedBridge Medical Solutions goes far beyond the typical ‘just open the mail and pull whatever checks are there’ medical billing philosophy – MedBridge Medical Solutions is able to consistently collect substantially more for its clients each month by anticipating what payers require and providing it ‘up front’, and by working it’s clients’ claims and A/R harder, more consistently and with more rigorous management review. MedBridge Medical Solutions staffs each client’s account for success. MedBridge Medical Solutions carefully analyzes the volume, payer mix, growth, charges, average payment expected, documentation, coding, and other factors and then staffs each client ‘from the ground up’ to insure that the Client Manager has a full staff necessary to succeed in an ever more difficult billing environment. Unlike its competitors, MedBridge Medical Solutions develops specific expectations, called "Benchmarks", for monthly cash collections for each client. Each month, actual collections are compared to that standard. Importantly, each Client Manager receives a substantial portion of his or her income each month as a percentage of the amount by which the Benchmark is exceeded – and if the Benchmark is not exceeded the Client Manager receives no incentive pay that month. This system is also in place for the Directors of Operations. Altogether, this system directly aligns the interests of the client, the Client Manager, and the Company.