MedBridge Medical Solutions utilizes the following:
•    Staff Performance: Benchmarking is often used as a method to determine performance standards for office functions. Examples may be as basic as the number of calls answered, appointments made and medical records pulled. This process provides a true measure of staff productivity capabilities.
•    Physician Performance: This benchmarking process only works if the physician being reviewed is truly interested in becoming more efficient. The basic premise is to examine what aspects of the physician's daily schedule is productive, (Time actually spent with patients) and non-productive, (time spent not rendering services to patients). The objective is to reduce non-productive time and leverage the physician’s impact.
•    Statistical Performance: This benchmarking process evaluates the practice’s statistical performance to best practice standards. Statistical comparisons include some of the following: charges, adjustments, revenues, expenses, gross/net collection percentages, and account receivable days.